Laboratory testing and consulting services under one roof

We engage ourselves in chemical and biological testing. Furthermore we prepare expert assessments, develop HACCP-concepts and provide you with quality management systems consulting (ISO 9001, GMP+, IFS, QS etc.), environmental management systems consulting (such as ISO 14001) as well as counsulting regarding waste management systems.

ÖHMI Analytik GmbH accredited examination laboratories examine: foodsutffs, pharmaceuticals, drinking water (incl. legionellae tests), oils and fats, agricultural products, soils, waters, waste, waste waters, sewage sludge, and compost.

Food testing
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Drinking water- and Legionella analysis
ÖHMI Analytik GmbH
Microbiological testing Nutrients / quality parameters
agricultural analysis and feed Audits and inspections
Development of management systems Hygiene trainings